Bus Simulator 2012 Free Full Version Download

Get on the bus and let it take you to a virtual, realistic world.

The newest masterpiece by astragon’s established developer TML, the “Bus Simulator 2012” will enthuse you. Never has a bus-simulation been that realistic and elaborate. Step into the shoes of a bus driver and take over the wheel of a highly detailed and feely accessible bus-model.

Here, you will find an abundance of possibilities to finish your missions or play in an open mode: Every technical detail of your bus has been reproduced true-to-live. Switch on the air-conditioning when your front-shields are steaming up and keep an eye on the speedograph, to stay in schedule – even though you have a lot of missions, you still need to rest to stay fit. Thanks to the digital readouts in the bus, you can monitor the engine`s temperature and the charging level of the cooling liquid as well as the oil and gasoline level.

Organize your route and target more than 450 bus stops. Let the realistic AI of both, pedestrians and other vehicles, amaze you and interfere with your behavior: Depending on the passenger, you have to decide whether you have to sell a day- or senior-ticket. And do not forget to always have a smile for your passengers to avoid a grumpy reaction.

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows XP (SP3)/ Vista/7
CPU: Dual-Core-CPU with 2,6 GHz
GPU: Geforce 9800 GT, Radeon HD 2900
DirectX 9.0c

Recommended system requirements

OS: Windows Vista/7 with 64 Bit
CPU: Quad-Core-CPU with 3 GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 560 Ti, Radeon HD 7850
DirectX 9.0c

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